Moog Aspen is a manufacturer of OEM permanent magnet brushless motors/generators and associated controls with value added components.

By integrating motor and control design with OEM customer's products, Aspen is enhancing the features and competitiveness of the OEM's products over a wide variety of applications and markets: medical, data storage, telecom, military, industrial, appliance, transportation, instrumentation and automation. By tailoring motor and control systems, Moog Aspen is bringing new and innovative features to OEM customer's products. Features that were unfeasible either due to technology and/or economic reasons just a few years ago are now possible by fully integrating the motor, control and components of the end assembly together.

Aspen specializes in custom designs of permanent magnet brushless motor systems. Aspen focuses on solving technical problems to meet the OEM customer's needs which, in turn provides customers with enabling solutions.

Customers turn to Aspen when they need cost effective, yet sophisticated, brushless motor and control solutions. Aspen systems fully integrate with the customer's end product to significantly enhance its features. Aspen's goal is to provide value added assemblies to customers that are "more than just a motor," however, if only a motor is needed then Aspen can certainly address that need as well.

Aspen Motion Technologies is owned by Moog Inc. which is a worldwide designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision control components and systems. Moog’s high-performance systems control military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles, automated industrial machinery, wind energy, marine and medical equipment.