Peerless Electric is a subsidiary of HBD Industries, Inc. located in Dublin, Ohio.  HBD is a premier manufacturer of industrial products employing 2,000 associates in 15 manufacturing facilities in North America.  The company is comprised of four strategic business Groups:

  • The Peerless-Winsmith Motors and Gearing Group which includes Peerless Electric, Ohio Electric Motors, Powertec Industrial Motors, and Winsmith and perfection Gear speed Reducers
  • Peerless Blowers
  • The Thermoid Group (Hoses, Belting, V-Belts, Ducting, Roll-Covering and Bands)
  • Ohio Magnetics and Stearns Magnetics Material Handling Equipment

Peerless Electric, one of three motor businesses, manufactures specialized PM and Wound Field DC Motors, AC Motors, Servomotors, and Mil-Spec Motors to customers around the world.  Peerless Electric maintains strong market positions in a number of areas, including Motion Control, Materials Handling, Mining, and Floor Care.

Peerless-Electric is an ISO-9001 Company offering the latest motor winding, insulation and varnish technology, as well as, state of the art magnetic circuit designs for increased motor efficiency.  With their highly trained, skilled and experienced employees,  Peerless Electric offers complete in-house manufacturing, in-process testing, and laboratory facilities including EMI and humidity testing chambers.  Peerless Electric ensures extended warranty product quality.