Banner Heavy-Duty Vantage Line Fiber Optics

Banner Engineering introduces new heavy-duty Vantage Line fiber optics to complement its industry-recognized fiber amplifier product family. Featuring a flexible 304 stainless steel tube, the polyethylene jacketed plastic fiber is protected from crushing or abrasion in harsh industrial environments.
To accommodate diverse applications, the heavy-duty Vantage Line plastic fibers are available in eight different models, four with opposed sensing mode and four with diffuse sensing mode, in one- and two-meter options. All heavy-duty fibers are compatible with Banner's existing plastic fiber amplifiers, including the DF-G family.
Banner's DF-G fiber amplifiers deliver stable sensing performance with fast response rates. With a thermally stable and high performance electronic design, DF-G fiber amplifiers feature dual display, digital readouts and an improved fiber clamp. DF-G fiber amplifiers also offer complete user control, providing manipulation of all operating parameters, including switch point threshold, light operate or dark operate, various output timing functions, electronic gain level and sensor response speed.

With a wide range of fiber amplifiers, Banner can effectively serve a diverse range of industries and applications, including small part or wire break detection on electronics assembly machines, pill and caplet counting and high-speed detection for registration mark or product leading edge detection.


Banner's Q4X - Versitle, Rugged Laser Measurement Sensor now in Analog Models

Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with analog output. Featuring 4-20mA and 0-10 V output options, the Q4X analog models expand the variety of applications Banner’s Q4X laser distance sensor can solve, including fill level indication, part positioning, roll diameter, loop control and thickness/height verification. 

Providing continuous measurement and versatile sensing performance, Q4X analog sensors provide resolution as small as 0.15 mm and cover up to a 300 mm range. The sensors deliver reliable measurement regardless of color or reflectivity of target object or background. 

“While the original Q4X has become a problem solver for many of our customers’ challenging sensor applications, we discovered a need for an analog model to satisfy additional applications such as fill level verification. Advanced measurement modes, including the averaging trigger, provide more consistent measurements across inconsistent surfaces, such as pills inside a bottle,” said Brad Ragozzino, Technical Marketing Engineer, Banner Engineering. “With a combination of analog output and durable stainless steel housing with IP69K rating, the Q4X analog provides a truly unique and reliable sensing solution.”

The Q4X analog offers a simplified user experience with analog (V or mA) or distance (mm) readout from the highly visible, angled four-digit display that is easily viewed from multiple vantage points. The Q4X also offers intuitive user setup utilizing three tactile buttons conveniently located below the display. 

For use in wet and high-pressure washdown environments, the Q4X is constructed with robust housing rated to IP69K. Durable FDA-grade stainless steel resists mechanical impact, over tightening and extreme vibration. 

With best in class excess gain, bipolar PNP and NPN outputs, a reliable 25 to 300 mm detection range and superior ambient light immunity, the Q4X can solve even the most challenging distance-based, part-detection applications. The Q4X's versatility makes it perfect for food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and many other applications.

Banner Engineering TL70 Wireless Tower Light

Banner Engineering introduces the TL70 wireless tower light. Combining the company's industry-recognized tower light family with its field-proven Sure Cross® wireless technology, the TL70 wireless tower light provides superior monitoring and visual status indication for remote applications, general and machine status, mobile call for parts, mobile work stations, threshold sensing and other applications where wired solutions are not cost-effective, practical or possible.


With a Banner Sure Cross wireless node built into the tower base, the TL70 offers two-way wireless communication to eliminate costly and time-consuming wiring requirements. The TL70 is available in 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz configurations, allowing them to be used with matching, standard Banner wireless gateways.

Offering superior flexibility and customization, the bright 70-mm light tower can display up to five colors—plus an audible alarm module—in one tower. The loud 92 dB adjustable alarm features four user-selectable tones, including pulsed, chirp, siren or continuous. Each light segment can be selected solid ON or flashing, and appears gray when off to eliminate false indication from ambient light.

“By combining the versatility of our modular tower lights with the reliability of our Sure Cross wireless technology, the TL70 wireless provides a unique lighting solution,” said Matt Hahn, Technical Marketing Engineer for Lighting, Banner Engineering. “With high-visibility indication and remote, two-way operation, users can achieve real-time communication to enhance monitoring applications.”

Banner’s TL70 wireless tower light is available in pre-assembled or modular segments, allowing users to build a custom device. Light and audible segments are easily configured using DIP switches on each segment.

For use in harsh environments, the TL70 wireless tower light features rugged, water-resistant IP65 housing with UV stabilized material. Housing is available in black or gray, which allows users to match the device to their application.

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Banner Engineering Motion Detectors Provide Automated Light Switching

Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2MQ motion detector switch for automated lighting. Banner's motion detector switches provide an efficient solution to automatically turn on or off the light in applications where a physical switch cannot be used or the placement of the switch is not useful.

Banner's motion detector switches are available in two options, an in-line module or built-in motion detector for the company's industry-recognized WLS28-2 LED Strip Light. The in-line module allows operators to place the motion detection switch away from the light, and can be used with any Banner dc voltage lights. The WLS28-2 with built-in motion detector models provide easy and fast installation in one place. 


"The motion detection switch offers a simple, convenient lighting solution for applications that don't easily allow manual on/off switching," said Matt Hahn, Technical Marketing Engineer for Lighting, Banner Engineering. "For example, if the motion detection switch is inside of an electrical enclosure, it will automatically turn the light on when the door is open and off when it is closed."

The motion detector switches feature M12 connectors and rugged metal housing for secure, durable performance. Detector switches are rated for 12 to 30 V dc. 

Banner's Wireless Vibration & Temperature Monitoring Solution

Vibration and Temperature Sensor
Model QM42VT1

  • Wireless – Simplifies condition monitoring in challenging areas by eliminating  the expense and labor associated with wiring runs
  • Scalable – A single Gateway can collect data from one or multiple machines distributed throughout a deployment area
  • Performance – Measures RMS velocity in inches/second or millimeters/second for vibration, as well as measuring temperature 

Prevent Machine Failures • Minimize Maintenance Downtime • Accurately Plan Service Intervals • Eliminate Manual Inspections  • Gather Runtime Production Data

Banner Sensors

XS26-2 Expandable Safety Controller Scalable safety made simple

The XS26-2 expandable safety controller is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that is scalable to suit your specific system safeguarding requirements. With the option to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the safety system is designed to meet your needs today, but is flexible to grow with your future machine enhancements.

  •  Up to eight expansion I/O modules can be added as your automation grows or changes

  • Choose from six expansion module modelsavailable to suit your application with a variety of safety inputs, solid-state safety outputs and safety relay outputs

  • Innovative live display feature and diagnostics allow for active monitoring of I/O on a PC and assist in troubleshooting and commissioning

  • Configuration software with simulator is so simple you'll be programming in minutes