Lenze 8400 Topline Inverters - The inverter with servo qualities.

The 8400 TopLine offers the maximum level of functionality and optimum drive behavior within the 8400 series, providing precisely tailored solutions. Furthermore, TopLine represents a cost-effective solution for speed-controlled and position-controlled applications, as well as synchronized and  positioning applications.


• Servo control of synchronous and asynchronous servo motors
• Integrated resolver input supports the standard feedback of Lenze servo motors
• Multiple encoder input extends the range of potential applications – including absolute position measurement systems
• Electrical shafts and electronic gearboxes can be implemented using the integrated axis bus

Typical applications include handling and positioning systems, as well as travelling drives and hoist drives in the most diverse of application areas. The integrated axis bus is also designed for synchronizing drive axes, e. g. when processing material webs.

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