Turck Introduces High Pressure Sensors for Cylinder Applications

In response to a growing need for sensors that can withstand high pressure applications, TURCK introduced an extension to their CRS Series with a new offering of high pressure inductive sensors. This extension offers customers an enhanced offering for applications regarding cylinders with an operating pressure rating of 3000 psi, whereas the previous offering allowed for only 1500 psi.

The new high operating pressure CRS Series features include: 

  • Embedded LEDs for an easily visible indication of the sensor
  • Equipped with a 7/8” male connector
  • Measures 12.7 mm in diameter
  • Housed in a stainless steel smooth barrel with a special high pressure sealing ceramic active face
  • Ability to withstand high pressure and demanding applications
  • 6 probe lengths varying from 23.2 mm to 95.9 mm with other lengths available upon request
  • IP67 rated
  • Operating range of -25° to 70° Celsius
  • Equipped with 2 wire AC/DC power or a 3 wire PNP version is also available