power supply


Designed to bridge power failures or voltage fluctuations, the PULS uninterruptible power supplies (DC-UPS) and Buffer units are additions to standard 24V power supplies. Expensive downtimes, long restart cycles and loss of data can be avoided, especially in mission critical applications where a power disturbance or outage is not tolerable.

The DIMENSION UC-Series are buffer modules utilizing Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), commonly known as Ultracapacitors or Supercapacitors, which are installed inside the buffer module. They can bridge power failures or voltage fluctuations and supply voltage to the DC 24V bus for a certain period, which allows for a safe shut-down of the system. Expensive downtimes, long restart cycles and loss of data can be avoided. In times when the power supply provides sufficient voltages, the buffer module stores energy in the capacitors. In case of a mains voltage fault, this energy is released to the DC bus in a regulated process. The buffer modules are maintenance-free and have a similar lifetime expectancy as power supplies. No regular replacement of the capacitors is necessary as is required for battery based UPS systems. The wide temperature range from -40°C to +60°C makes the unit suitable for many applications.


PULS Record-Breaking 24V/10A Power Supply: 95.2% Efficiency, Only 39mm Wide

When it comes to both efficiency and size, the new 24V/10A DIN-Rail power supply called CP10 is setting new records. In its field it is raising the bar ever higher using latest power supply technology and sophisticated thermal design. This is the first time ever that a DIN-Rail power supply in this power level, single-phase global input and active PFC has achieved an efficiency of 95.2%. This unprecedented low level of heat generation made a reduction in width by 35% from 60mm to 39mm possible. 

Additionally, all the latest features are included: full performance from -25°C to +60°C without derating, HiccupPLUS sophisticated power management to deliver 20% extra peak power and at the same time protect loads and wiring, active input inrush current limiter for low input inrush current and a DC-OK signal to monitor the output voltage. 

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